Luminate Finals: Monday, September 14, 2020
10:30 am to noon
Dr. Edgar Janunts, CEO

Lens Reviewer, Optical Imaging System

Helping eye surgeons ensure safe and accurate lens positioning, leading to more successful premium lens implantations, increased profitability, higher patient satisfaction, and more efficient post-operative management.
Sean Higgins, CEO

High-performance, low-cost bio analytical instruments and assay-kit consumables

Helping consumers identify diseases at an earlier, more treatable stage by improving access to affordable bio analytical tools that can speed testing and results—in and outside medical environments.
Hanaan Hashim, CEO

SID-Q, on-demand quantum entropy

Helping pharmaceutical manufacturers and investigators combat counterfeit products to improve public safety and healthcare by providing faster, absolute secure authentication of products without a physical tagging process.
Joshna Seelam, CEO

Brise-Solette, light regulation for premature infants in the neonatal ICU

Helping to improve the care given to premature babies by mimicking the light and sound of a mother’s womb, and by providing a visual indicator during medical emergencies to reduce response times and improve health outcomes.
Keenan Pinto, CEO

Portable, rapid nanosensor for analyzing bio chemicals

Helping agronomists, extension workers, and precision farming consultants make faster decisions, improve crop yield, and reduce input costs by analyzing the nutrients found in soil, water, and leaf samples in a matter of minutes.
Dr. Sanna Gaspard, CEO

Rubitect Assessment System (RAS), early bedsore detection and management tools

Helping healthcare providers and caregivers save lives and reduce costs through the accurate detection and preventative care management of bedsores.
Dr. Boon S. Ooi, CEO

Smart lighting, LiFi, IoT, and underwater optical communications

Helping those in the Internet of UnderWater Things (IoUT) industry—including marine industry operators and service providers—improve connectivity and enable new applications by providing easily serviceable, 100,000x faster network access than conventional acoustic system underwater technology.
Dr. Michael Wilson, COO

SIM ARTS™, hands-free educational experiences

Helping surgical educators efficiently train surgeons through an immersive “flight simulator for surgery” that eliminates patient risk by enabling surgeons to practice complete procedures on lifelike anatomical models in an augmented reality environment.
Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar, CEO

Photonic Smart Coating (PSC™) technology

Helping utility scale solar power producers and glass manufacturing companies enhance the energy output of solar panels by 20 percent by enhancing and shaping the spectrum of photons to transform wasted visible light into infrared light that many devices can more easily use.
Monica Vaksdal, Founder & CEO

SKNOW, digital avalanche safety device

Helping hydroelectric power suppliers, the agriculture industry, tourism and emergency management organizations more accurately measure snow pack and the snow water equivalent (SWE) by using technology to provide accurate, real-time, snow melt and expected water volume data.